Print Publications

  • More than 30 of my stories - re-tellings of stories from Indian Mythology and Folk Tales, have appeared in  Bal Mukund - a publication of JK Yog. For details, read my posts on the books here.
  • The Hindu Traveller, Bangalore
  • YES Magazine, published by the Sai Youth of Maharashtra and Goa     
  • Rail Bandhu October 2014 Issue
    • A Hymn called the Cauvery
    • How India sees its lights  
  • Being Woman Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 9, November 2014
  • Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi Newspaper)

Online Publications
  • On The Alternative, an online magazine which strives to make sustainability a way of life

  • On Travel Thru History, a unique travel 'zine dedicated to exploring historical and cultural experiences

  • On Pocket Cultures - an independent site which aims to increase connections, awareness and understanding between different cultures

  • In The Mother, published from Rishikesh, Himalayas




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